My name is Rev. Joe McLaughlin and I would love to be part of your special day!

Ceremonial ministry, for me, is a continuation my spiritual calling as well as my desire to serve God’s people. I served for five years as an ordained priest in the Roman Catholic Tradition and was then led toward prayerful contemplation of God’s call toward marriage and family. Upon taking a leave of absence from the Tradition, I was blessed to meet my loving wife, Christina. Our marriage has been a walk down a joyful path blooming with growth, support, and fellowship. I am honored to continue my ministry by sharing this special day, the initiation of a journey of blessed companionship, with couples such as you!

I believe that your wedding ceremony should be effortless, joyful, and inspiring. I have been blessed to work with many couples with whom I have journeyed through the wedding planning process. Wedding days for these couples have been full of last minute details, nervous energy, exuberant love, and sometimes even fatigue. However, I have been so blessed to feel that my presence in some way made the day go more smoothly and those last minute details seem much less daunting. A great relationship between the couple and officiant makes a sincere difference in the tone of the day, adding to the grandeur of the occasion by elevating the love of the couple and the blessing of friends and loved ones in attendance. This most important moment, the ceremonial bond, is one to be carefully planned, lovingly cherished, and joyfully remembered. I am committed to working with you to make your special ceremony a reality!

You will find service options and information regarding other details for your special day as well as the answers to frequently asked questions in this packet. Please do not hesitate to contact me by phone (609-351-4496) or email ( with any other questions you may have. Also, you may access my website at I look forward to meeting with you!

Yours in Christ, Rev. Joe McLaughlin

Menu of Services and Other Details

Services Included

The fee for my services includes at least two meetings to get to know the couple and the ceremonial details as well as an additional one to two premarital counseling meetings if requested. I also complete and send the marriage license to the state for approval and take care of other ceremonial details leading up to the day. I usually spend approximately 18-36 hours preparing for each wedding ceremony. As part of this preparation, I feel it is important to get to know each couple prior to performing the ceremony. Though I feel this is best done in person, it certainly does not have to be. I am happy to communicate by phone and/or email as well.

The types of services I celebrate are: Catholic, non-denominational Christian, Jewish-Christian, and interdenominational. When we meet together, we will create a service order that reflects your faith tradition and relationship with one another. However, the basic service order for a Christian ceremony is:  welcome, prayer, readings, declaration of intent, exchange of vows, lighting of unity candle, Lord’s Prayer, final prayer, nuptial blessing, and announcement of couple. Coordination of ceremony details with the musicians, wedding coordinator, and other entities involved with your ceremony is also part of what I do. I consider the seamless coordination of these details to be very important in the overall tone of the day, so I am eager to help as needed.

It is my desire that the couple be comfortable with myself as their officiant and that we both have a clear understanding of the details of the day. Together, we will create a meaningful ceremony that reflects your relationship with one another and your beliefs. Although I don't require pre-marital counseling, I am eager to provide each couple with pre-marital materials that they can utilize if they wish to further deepen and develop their relationship during this time of preparation. I encourage couples to take advantage of the premarital counseling services offered. I believe in providing tools to help couples to communicate and become closer during the preparation process. My desire is to help to create the most special day that I can for each couple.

Ceremonial Fees
***Fees are subject to change and are final when quoted to the bridal couple and recorded in a contract and/or invoice given to the couple after services are secured.  
The fee requested for my wedding services is $400. This fee covers the following: 
  • At least one meeting to get to know the couple and the ceremonial details. I am happy for us to talk on the phone, over email, and/or in person as many times as necessary to plan the ceremony. 
  • One to two premarital counseling sessions if requested.  During these sessions, tools will be shared that will help the couple to grow closer to one another throughout the wedding preparation process. Guidance and support will be offered for any spiritual and/or developmental needs that the couple may be facing. Resources for self-use are available upon request. There may be an additional fee for resources sent. 
  • Completion and sending of the marriage license to the state for approval.
  • Coordinating ceremonial details as needed with the DJ, Photographer, Florist, Wedding Coordinator and others who may be involved with the ceremony.  I am eager to communicate in person and/or by phone or email with these entities to help your day to be special.
  • And, registration of your marriage with CITI Ministries (a requirement for all ceremonies that I perform).  An amount of $50.00 from the $400.00 fee paid to me will be used for this registration.  
  • Additional Fees: For ceremonies more than thirty miles from my home, a charge of seventy-five cents per mile from my home to the wedding site and back to my home will be requested. If my presence at a wedding rehearsal is requested by the couple, I will be glad to attend; however, an additional fee of $100.00 will be added to the cost of my services and additional travel expenses for rehearsals more than thirty miles from my home may be requested. If a rehearsal is not requested, I am certainly willing to go over service details over the phone, email, and/or in the hours previous to the ceremony in lieu of attending and holding a separate rehearsal. These means of communication will be free of charge.   
Fee Schedule
A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is requested no later than a week after our first planning meeting. This can be paid in the form of check, money order, or cash. Once this deposit is received and cleared, your date will be guaranteed and no other weddings will be planned for that day.  If another wedding for the same date is requested before the deposit is paid, I will make an effort to contact you in order to secure your date sooner. The first request will be honored for a given date as long as the deposit is paid and cleared for that date.  The balance of the ceremonial charges as well as any additional fees (see above) will be due no later than the date of your ceremony. Payments should be mailed to my home (checks payable to Joe McLaughlin) or may be handed to me in person. An itemized invoice/receipt and/or a contract for services will be made available to the couple upon request. 
If reasonable attempts to contact the bride and/or groom have not been met with success and/or the fee schedule above has not been followed, another wedding may be scheduled for the day that has been requested. 
***Fees are subject to change and are final when quoted to the bridal couple and recorded in a contract and/or invoice given to the couple after services are secured.